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Frequently Asked Questions

test²multiply is designed as a classic multiplier system (“snowball system”).

If you decide to test for sexually transmitted infections (STIs),
so you can do this very easily at the test times offered. You get next to the
detailed advice and clarification as well as the actual testing two or – if desired – several memo cards, which you can pass on to your sexual partner and thereby encourage this person to test for an STI.

As soon as these people present themselves for a test, they each receive additional memo cards themselves, so that this an uncomplicated and rapid dissemination of information on the subject of STIs and motivations to contribute to one’s own sexual achieve health.

Antibody tests for HIV, hepatitis C and syphilis are offered. Detailed information on each
You can find sexually transmitted diseases here.

The tests are offered in the form of rapid tests. For this purpose, a few drops of blood must be taken from the fingertips (“finger pricks”).
The result will be communicated to you personally about 15 minutes later by a qualified test²multiply employee.

If there is a need for further clarification, we recommend qualified medical practices or clinics near your place of residence. A review of the findings and the clarification of any need for treatment can then take place there – usually on the following day.

The dates and locations of the test offers can be found here.

A contribution towards expenses of 5 € will be charged. For this you will receive tests for HIV, hepatitis C and syphilis as well as a detailed consultation.

The fee is only to cover the costs for the tests and consumables. The other costs are covered by our sponsors.

An abnormal test result does not always mean that therapy is necessary.
In case of doubt, it can be a false positive test or – in the case of hepatitis C and syphilis – one that has already expired or treated infection that does not require further therapy.

However, this should be done in a qualified practice or clinic to be checked more closely.

A sufficient interval between a risk situation and a test is e.g. 12 weeks for the tests we carry out.

No, a negative result does not rule out an existing infection with absolute certainty.
If, for example, there was a risk contact a few days before, there are certain time intervals when interpreting the test results
to note. A sufficient interval between a risk situation and a test is e.g. 12 weeks.

However, a test also makes sense earlier, namely to provide information about any sexually transmitted diseases that may have existed before
getting infections.

Since we work with quick tests, the results are already available approx. 15 minutes after the test.

We consider a personal test message to be the best option, since this is the only way to answer any questions that may arise directly and can be answered directly by the expert staff or the doctor.

A result message on other paths is therefore not provided.

Was your test abnormal? You have known for a long time that you already have a sexually transmitted disease, you have but so far not dared to go to a doctor? Or didn’t you know which one?

You can find an overview of the specialized practices and clinics for sexually transmitted diseases here.

test²multiply is a joint project of the AIDS Hilfe Aachen e.V. and the Seminarwerk AIDS e.V.
You can find information about both institutions here.

Carrying out the tests, providing detailed advice on sexual health and identifying findings that require treatment are just one aspect of the test project.

In collaboration with Maastricht University and Professors Dr. Daniel Deimel and Dr. Thorsten Köhler, the test project was scientifically supported right from the initial phase.

The project is currently being scientifically monitored and evaluated as part of a dissertation by Farina Bergmann. This is primarily about the question of reaching the correct target population, as well as the question of the influence of the corona pandemic on test behavior in relation to STD.

Of course, we also need your help for this. Therefore, when you visit our test offer, there is also a questionnaire, which – of course completely anonymously – will then be scientifically evaluated.

For further questions you can use our contact form.