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test²multiply is a joint project of the AIDS Hilfe Aachen e.V. and the Seminarwerk AIDS e.V. in cooperation with Queerreferat an den Aachener Hochschulen e.V.

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Carrying out the tests, providing detailed advice on sexual health and identifying findings that require treatment are just one aspect of the test project.

In collaboration with Maastricht University and Professors Dr. Daniel Deimel and Dr. Thorsten Köhler, the test project was scientifically supported right from the initial phase.

The project is currently being scientifically monitored and evaluated as part of a dissertation by Farina Bergmann. This is primarily about the question of reaching the correct target population, as well as the question of the influence of the corona pandemic on test behavior in relation to STD.

Of course, we also need your help for this. Therefore, when you visit our test offer, there is also a questionnaire, which – of course completely anonymously – will then be scientifically evaluated.


A current list of practices and clinics that offer PrEP advice and a prescription for PrEP can be found here.

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Our Goals

Sexual health and responsibility for oneself and one’s partner have increasingly come into focus in recent years.

With the test²multiply project, we have created a low-threshold test and advice service in Aachen relating to sexually transmitted infections and sexual health.

It is our goal to reduce the frequency of sexually transmitted diseases in our region and thus make a regional contribution to achieving national and global goals for reducing infectious diseases.


Our Mission


Our Mission

We offer a low-threshold range of tests for sexually transmitted diseases. In a relaxed atmosphere with good music and far away from a sterile doctor’s office, there is enough time for personal advice and enlightenment and the whole thing – if desired – also completely anonymously.


A contribution towards expenses of 5 € will be charged. For this you will receive tests for HIV, hepatitis C and syphilis as well as a detailed consultation.

The fee is only to cover the costs for the tests and consumables. The other costs are covered by our sponsors.

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