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test²multiply – a project for StädteRegion Aachen

Dates and Places

Counseling and rapid antibody tests for HIV, hepatitis C and syphilis

Queerreferat an den Aachener Hochschulen e.V. 
Gerlachstraße 20-22, 52064 Aachen

Consultation and test offer from October 2023 onwards again without appointment!

As you know, the pandemic is over and we would like to return to our former open consulting and testing strategy.

In this context, we have decided to waive the need for a prior appointment from October and invite you to come to our test²multiply evenings between 19.00 – 21.30h without an appointment. We will try to keep the waiting time as short as possible by using waiting tokens and hope this will give more people an option for counseling and/or testing.



Opening Hours for 1st half of 2024

from 7.00pm to 9.30pm on

Thursday 11.01.2024
Thursday 25.01.2024
Thursday 08.02.2024
Thursday 22.02.2024
Thursday 07.03.2024
Thursday 21.03.2024
Thursday 11.04.2024
Thursday 25.04.2024
Thursday 16.05.2024
Thursday 23.05.2024
Thursday 06.06.2024
Thursday 20.06.2024

in cooperation with

Dates 2024


Basic knowledge

This video by the McKinley Health Center provides information on the most important aspects of STIs.


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Antibody tests for HIV, hepatitis C and syphilis are offered. Detailed information on each
You can find sexually transmitted diseases here.

The tests are offered in the form of rapid tests. For this purpose, a few drops of blood must be taken from the fingertips (“finger pricks”).
The result will be communicated to you personally about 15 minutes later by a qualified test²multiply employee.

If there is a need for further clarification, we recommend qualified medical practices or clinics near your place of residence. A review of the findings and the clarification of any need for treatment can then take place there – usually on the following day.

A contribution towards expenses of 5 € will be charged. For this you will receive tests for HIV, hepatitis C and syphilis as well as a detailed consultation.

The fee is only to cover the costs for the tests and consumables. The other costs are covered by our sponsors.

test²multiply is a project by Seminarwerk e.V. & AH Aachen e.V.

test²multiply © 2024. All rights reserved.